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New Tunes

June 12 2009
When Adrian Bahil shuts his studio door with care, then there is something cooking. And in the last weeks you could nearly smell the music coming out the studio of producer wizard Adrian Bahil:  
Eno-C's fantastic new track was finished and is - out now! Paul Harris 'Lost in Sound' got a new taylormade Novy & Bahil remix. Furthermore Adrian was producing together with Just Dockhorn their contribution to the new Kosmo Ibiza compilation with the telling title 'Whatever'. Together with Carlos Mendes Adrian is locked up in his studio and we can look forward to something real intensive. Productions for Snap!, Tom Novy, Sandra Nasic and Abigail Bailey still were fitting in his packed schedule. Not to forget Sander Kleinenberg calling in for a Novy & Bahil remix. Adrian Bahil is most wanted in the very moment and there is much more to come this year. Guaranteed!