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March 19 2009
Abi and Matt Samuels have reworked Adamski's seminal house tune 'Killer' and its proving to be just that. Getting good radio support this mega cool update is building nicely and may prove to be a bit of a surprise. Check out here her latest  
Mega mega busy as ever Abigail's carbon footprint is the size of Wales (the country not the mammal) - she's here there and just about everywhere - her passport has got more stamps than Judith Chalmers and there is no sign of her letting up. With another tour of Brazil in late April..numerous gigs in Germany not to mention some pretty special Ibiza dates Abi is flat out bless her so just leave her alone and let her get some doesn't help that she's just been taken on by leading Dutch agency Beyond so things are only going to get more hectic... Catch Abigail's weekly radio show on Pushfm which starts in two hours (Thursday 2-4pm).