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They're Back

November 06 2008
Dirty Vegas are a Grammy Award winning band based in the UK, comprising of the incredibly gifted Ben Harris and Paul Harris ( no r...
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Space Closing 2008

September 30 2008
The countdown has begun towards the summer's most spectacular and waited for party. And the clock is ticking The only party cap...
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Beatport Interview

September 16 2008
Hi Friends and Family, here is the newest interview of Jerome Isma-ae for you to read on ...
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September 04 2008
Friends, it is done! We finally have our own club! In Munich! It`s called MATCH Club and we are celebrating a phat GRAND OPENING:...
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Nouveau Niveau welcomes his 1st. and only Hip Hop Artist Wali

September 03 2008
He has always been passionate about Hip Hop music- exclusive Hip Hop music. It has influenced his style ever since. Like no other,...
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Nouveau Niveau welcomes Carol Fernandez

September 02 2008
Already in her early years the Italo-Spanish lady, born in Switzerland, has spent much time with hearing music and she took classi...
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Ibiza Insider Tip

July 29 2008
Jerry Ropero & Java "Organ of Love" At the moment a promo is available at Joia, late summmer it will be realeased on Interlabel...
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July 23 2008
Baditude, climbed to B-List Radio 1 , and now added to Galaxy and Kiss Fm also.. 4 Video being aired on all major Video Channel's,...
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Singapore is calling

July 23 2008
Simone Anés is one of the main acts at the biggest party in Singapore during the formula one weekend. Large, loud and shamelessly...
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July 15 2008
Jerome Isma-ae is the first artist who managed to be, on the ...
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